I am a performer. I try to implement ideas. While trying to make music, dancing and assembling, I try to move in a multidimensional way. Sounds, outspoken thoughts or objects are often vehicles for making ideas accessible. These ideas are often as abstract as they are manageable, colourful as obvious, contemporary as referring. And they are often present in abundance. Trying to get an idea means that 20 other questions arise. Choosing is losing, so as many as possible at the same time might give you a clue. In both my visual and time-based work I create space for imagination. Space to continue the sledding ideas. 'Why would you design an idea with the greatest precision if it also comes with adhesive tape.'
Colophon I'm making performances with the support of Campo in Ghent, and I'm a resident at Beursschouwburg, Brussels. This website is built by Arthur Haegeman with the support of vzw Noch Verlies. Text on this website is written with the help of An Vandermeulen and Charlotte De Sommeviele. It is translated in English by Emi Kodama and in French by Pamina de Coulon. Pictures on this website are taken by, among others, Remi Verstraete, Freddy Willems, Nellie Deboer, Radovan Dranga, Lukas Hoffman, Sarah Gerats, Melissa Verschelde, Sarah Oyserman, Karen Spiessens, Joost Parreyn, Jolien Fagard, Thais Dupont and William van der Voort. Contact: louis(at) Bookings: marijke.vandersmissen(at)
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